What do I do if my Zoomo doesn't unlock?

Learn what to do when the Anti-Theft Lock doesn't unlock as expected.

This usually occurs when the Zoomo has been previously locked (viewed on MyZoomo Web or App), and you cannot unlock it to enable pedal-assist mode (PAS).

Usually, problems occur when:

  • Poor Signal resulting in your Zoomo being unable to receive actions from MyZoomo Web or App
  • Low Battery when your Zoomo is in an Anti-Theft Lock state

If your Zoomo is experiencing problems, attempt to unlock it via MyZoomo Web or MyZoomo App before proceeding. 

To temporarily fix a locked Zoomo:

  1. Locate your Battery Key 
  2. Unlock your Battery by inserting your Battery Key into the Battery Lock 
  3. Securely store your Battery
  4. Ride to a secure location (your Zoomo will now operate like a regular pedal-bike)
  5. Charge your Battery
  6. Insert the Battery and ensure you can receive Cell Signal
  7. Attempt to Unlock your Zoomo via MyZoomo

If this fails - contact our Support Team and we'll attempt to unlock the Bike from our end.