Authenticate 3D Secure Payment

Learn what 3DS Authentication is and how to complete it.

3DS Authentication affects the EU Region including: United Kingdom, Spain and France.

A 3DS Authentication is a message delivered by your Bank to Zoomo when we try and take payment in-store or during the lifetime of your Subscription with Zoomo.

It's a way of your Bank telling Zoomo to double-check the Payee (you) before accepting payment.

You can complete 3DS Authentication yourself or with the help of our Team.

  1. If we require 3DS Authentication - an email will be delivered to your inbox labelled: 
    Subscription 3d Secure Authentication Needed
    Zoomo Pty Ltd tried to create
    a subscription for "Pro - Weekly (London)" for your account.

    Payment for this subscription requires 3D Secure Authentication.

    You can perform this authentication by going to this link:

    This subscription will be created after you authenticate the payment.
  2. Click on the Link and follow the prompts to complete authentication:

  3. After completing 3DS Authentication - you can check your Subscription Status in the MyZoomo App or check with the Zoomo Team to ensure you're authenticated.